Poker Tournament Details

2008-LionLogo2c_thumb[1]Lion Rod Lewis Memorial Trophy 5A


The Abbotsford Lions Club usually holds three events per year, Fall, Winter and Spring. Months and dates change depending on the availability of the venues available to the Club. 

We are now in our 12th Season, and have put over $77,500, back into our community to help those with disabilities and those in need.

Our primary goal for these events is to raise money for people with disabilities and those in need in the Abbotsford Area. Some of the funds are provided to individuals but for the most part they are provided to service organizations who are properly trained and equipped to provide the necessary services to individuals.

Our secondary goal is to provide the best poker experience outside of a Licensed BC Casino or for that matter, Las Vegas.  These goals are met while abiding by the BC Gaming Commission Regulations. We provide dealers, new cards for every event, regulation chips with denominations, proper felt or cloth table covers, a large display timer/clock display, and comfortable chairs and close to regulation tables.

A big draw for our events is that we guarantee the prize pool at $2000.00, (the maximum we are allowed under Government Regulations), no matter how many players we have at the event. This way you know exactly what you are playing for each night. We also provide a trophy to take home and we also have the Rod Lewis Memorial Trophy which is presented at each event and we have a plaque engraved with the season number, the date, and your first and last name. This trophy is also displayed at all our events for everyone to see.  (see below)

Our dealers are volunteers, but we have a group of over 30 people who have dealt for us on a regular basis, so they are familiar with the rules of No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker.  Our Tournament Director, Ron Mare, is and has been a member for over 6 years, of the Poker Tournament Directors Association. Information about this association can be found at   House rules for our events are available electronically by request at

These events are staffed by members of the Abbotsford Lions Club and work hard to provide the best experience for you.

Setup at the venue is provided by the Abbotsford Air Cadets Squadron.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and door prize providers for their help in making this an enjoyable experience for all.

Please check out our Poker Tournament Information Page for specific information about dates, times options and ticket availability.

We hope you come out to our events and have a great experience. Please tell us if you do or if you have any suggestions to make the experience better. Our events were created and enhanced by the feedback from our players.

A huge Thank You to all our sponsors, volunteers, and players who support our events!

Lion Rod Lewis                Lion Rod Lewis Memorial Trophy 5A

Lion Rod Lewis                                   Lion Rod Lewis Memorial Trophy