Why We Do It

Quotes from our members

“To serve the community in which I live”

“ I wanted to give something back to my community”

“To help the less fortunate”

“To make my community a better place to live”

“To help with projects in the community and to help make my community a better place to live”

“The work that Lions do in the community”

There are 5 gifts that we receive from volunteering. They are

Friendship: Joining with like-minded people we meet and work with on projects and activities in trying to help the community.

Knowledge: Knowing that what we do matters to ourselves, our friends, and our community.

Character: Learning that what we do not only helps our community but helps us become better people and better citizens in our community.

Purpose: Having a reason for being. To be able to help others without thought of a return to us for our effrorts. Thank you is more than sufficient.

Pride and Accomplishment: Taking pride in our efforts and getting that feeling of accomplishent when we see the results of a job well done or at least the effort to try to improve the lives of others in our community whether it be local, regional or globally.